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EAMS to Allow e-Filing and Paper Filing

Are you an EAMS e-filer?  Why not?  If you’re not an e-filer, you have to file everything on paper, let the Board choose a hearing date for you, and have very limited access to those documents already filed.  Until recently, though, you had one decisive advantage even if the system failed- you could still file by paper.  EAMS was an all-or-nothing system in which the entire firm had to e-file or paper file, but not both.

Well, it appears the Electronic Adjudication Management System is moving to a new stage.  Workers’ compensation attorneys, both defense and applicant, will be allowed to both e-file and paper file, as they like.  In other words, you can sign up to be an e-filer, reap the benefits of online access to filed documents and choosing your own hearing date, and yet still file by paper whenever you like, at least according to this release by the DWC.

In order to become an e-filer, parties will still be required to go through the EAMS training and register.

So, have you made the switch to EAMS?  Do you wish you could switch back out?

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