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Wild Night at the Governor’s Mansion

Previously, I posted on a few would-be laws that were headed for the Governor’s desk.  Your humble blogger had expressed guarded hope that bills such as AB 947 and AB 889 would meet a brutal and gruesome death on the Governor’s desk, while AB 378, which would rein in compound drug abuse, would become law.

Well – the Governor is done signing (and not signing) bills, and the results are in!

It looks like AB 947, which would have more than doubled the allowable period for temporary disability suffered Governor Brown’s veto, while AB 378 was signed into law.

As for AB 889, it is still in committee and has not received the Governor’s treatment (yet).

Several other workers’ compensation bills were signed and vetoed, and over the next couple of weeks, I hope to blog on them as well.

But, my dear readers, be aware, that lien claimants should tremble and compound-drug peddlers doctors should tighten their belts: Grinberg, armed with the now-signed AB378, is coming after your liens!

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