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WCDefenseCA is Moving!

Dearest readers!

Thank you again for your frequent visits and your patience as the wonderful stuff that is this blog invades your e-mail inbox on a daily basis.

Have you often dreamed of living in a world which doesn’t require you to type in such a long web-address to visit this wonderful blog?  Have you always wanted all the exciting action and humbling wisdom of five posts a week to be jam-packed into three?  Are you not-entirely-threatened by relatively-insignificant-change?

Good news!

In the spirit of commercial capitalism, WCDefenseCA.wordpress.org has moved to WCDefenseCA.com!  On top of that, your humble blogger is excited to offer longer posts three times a week.


If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “WCDefenseCA is pretty good, but I don’t want to waste my precious time going through the 22 second subscription process for a new blog…” this ever-helpful blogger has you covered!  Your e-mail subscription will be automatically and most respectfully transferred and you will receive updates from the new site!

If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself “WCDefenseCA isn’t that great… I’m not going to re-subscribe because the blog was spamming my inbox, and I’m tired of hearing that humble blogger’s charming wit in poking fun at the efforts of noble and selfless applicants’ attorneys and lien claimants” Well too bad!  You should read the blog more often, and as punishment, you’re being subscribed to the new blog as well!  So there.

Anywho – happy Sunday and thanks for sticking with WCDefenseCA (whether you want to or not!)  Part one of a fresh new post will await you on Monday morning!

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