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Rosa Moran Resigns – Returns to WCJ Post in Oakland

It appears that Rosa Moran has resigned as Division of Workers’ Compensation Administrative Director, effective September 5th.  We all recall the recent appointment of July 18, 2011, and now, just over a year later, the post is vacant once more.  According to the Insurance Journal, Rosa Moran will return to her post as workers’ compensation Judge in Oakland.

Rosa Moran’s tenure saw some driven and dedicated work – visiting Insurance Company of the West, engaging in a listening tour to hear complaints from workers’ compensation community members all over the state, and otherwise trying to shake things up in the workers’ compensation world.

Now, your humble blogger does not know Judge Moran personally, and can only speculate as to the reasons behind this resignation.  But it says something about our system if a seasoned attorney and veteran judge has had enough after just over one year.  Whether reforming workers’ compensation, or handling the demands of politicians, or the mixture of the two did it, doesn’t really matter – something’s got to change.

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  1. Tom Harbinson
    September 13, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    I agree, somethings got to change. Those obligated to administer the law should do so, whether they like the law or not.. The last time I checked, all laws are made by “politicians”. If you are unwilling to follow the law you should not be allowed to judge it.

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