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Love and Fraud are in the Air in Hayward

Your humble blogger may often come off as a cynic – and in all fairness, he does have a cynical streak about him.  But note this, dear readers, your humble blogger is also a hopeless romantic.  He believes that love conquers all, and the healing power of love cannot be overestimated or overlooked.  In fact, he brings proof of this very concept to your, his loyal and steadfast readers (and the Google bots who crawl this blog in search of web statistics, and just maybe, true love…)

Modupe Adunni Martin worked as a custodian for a high school in Hayward when she allegedly sustained an industrial injury to her ankle.  The pain and impairment from this injury was so great, that she required crutches and couldn’t even walk or work without pain.  In fact, the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office callously believed that she was faking the injury, so surveillance was conducted and Ms. Martin was recorded painfully entering a doctor’s office using crutches.

The doctor’s appointment being concluded, she looked to the next item on her agenda, which was, what the San Francisco Chronicle called, a “meet up with a boyfriend for a romantic tryst in a public park.”

In preparation for this meeting, as her heart overflowed with thoughts of her boyfriend and the air carried the sweet scent of romance, she gingerly threw her crutches in her car, put on high heeled shoes, and ran to meet her gentleman caller.  Coincidentally, this was also caught on tape and is the basis for the DA’s case in prosecuting Ms. Martin for workers’ compensation fraud.

Some sources have reported that Ms. Martin also engaged in another activity in the park, one which this family-friendly blog dare not mention.  Need you any more proof of the healing power of “love”?

Ms. Martin has plead not guilty and the trial is set for October 22, 2012.

As always, WCDefenseCA wishes San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe good hunting and good luck in seeing justice done.

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