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Yet Another Sacramento CHP Officer Charged with WC Fraud

Is there something about being in Sacramento and working for the CHP that makes one more likely to commit workers’ compensation fraud?  Is seeing California’s finest politicians hard at “work” in the state’s capital a source of inspiration for those that so effectively patrol our highways?

Back in April, your friendly neighborhood blogger reported on the workers’ compensation fraud charges lodged at Tony Yao, a California Highway Patrol officer in Sacramento.  My more interested readers can track the result of that case here.

But now, it appears that lightning has struck again, with the Sacramento District Attorney’s office accusing Officer Brian Christopher Hansen of faking an injury to collect workers’ compensation paymentsNormally, WCDefenseCA does not like to name names, but in cases of alleged fraud and criminal activity this rule is waived.

Sub rosa video showed Hansen moving furniture, driving for long periods of time, and picking up heavy objects with no signs of impairment, all while on leave because of a back injury that left him with restrictions that precluded his ordinary duties – even limited office duties.

According to this nifty device from the Sacramento Bee, in 2008, Hansen made $88,133.55, and in 2009 he was paid $83,906.26.  Was this not enough?  Is the job of a CHP officer really so horrible and the pay so meager that an injury needed to be faked?

Well, WCDefenseCA wishes the DA’s office the best of luck in obtaining a conviction, and hopefully recovering some of the money improperly obtained by Mr. Hansen.

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