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Former NFL Player Sues his Workers’ Comp Attorney

Are you sick of NFL related posts on WCDefenseCA yet?  Your humble blogger sincerely hopes you’re not, because he has another one for you.  This time, however, the proverbial cross-hairs are on an applicant’s attorney, Mark L. Floyd of St. Louis, Connecticut.  Here is a video the firm apparently put out for Youtube, although the website appears to be down:

So, what could former St. Louis Rams linebacker Jamie Duncan have against Mark Floyd, Esq.?  Well, according to this article from CourthouseNews.com, in 2007, Mr. Floyd advised Mr.  Duncan to sign a settlement for $1,000 which included a waiver of future medical benefits, in a claim filed in Missouri.  (Thanks to KatkeRisk for the article.)

However, when Mr. Duncan retained a California attorney, the California attorney pursued claims for cumulative trauma and reached a settlement of $300,000 for all claims including future medical treatment.  The Rams then realized that a settlement agreement had already been reached in Missouri in 2007.  The parties ultimately settled the California claims for $45,000.

The civil complaint alleges that Mr. Floyd should have explored the option of filing a claim in California.

As if all the other stories on this point were not enough, the threat of being sued by former clients will serve as the drop of blood in the water – applicant’s attorneys from sea to shining sea are going to be going through their rolodex for that classmate from law school who headed out West so long as their client has ever set foot in California.

And you thought the clerks at the Board were busy already…

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