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3 Generations of Family Arrested – Fraud Doesn’t Pay!

Your humble blogger, in the years of his youth, once read a story about a Japanese swordsmith, the twenty-seventh in his line.  Each generation, from the first all the way to his, had mastered the art of sword-making, learned secrets and new methods, and closely held those secrets within the family to consistently make excellent swords.  I marveled at the competence and skill that must have come with so long a line of craftsmen.  Of course, not all skills improve as they are passed from generation to generation.

Three generations of a family in San Bernardino County have been charged with various fraud crimes after the death of a worker in 2008.  State Compensation Insurance Fund noticed that the family’s company had been under-reporting and misclassifying employee information and payroll.

The District Attorney Investigator’s unit obtained search warrants and arrested a Husband-Wife-Daughter team, charging them with 11 felony counts of insurance code violations.  This investigation led to additional discoveries, including crimes committed by the son and grandmother, including Grand Theft and Conspiracy.  After all the family that steals together, appeals together.

WCDefenseCA congratulates Senior Investigator Hank Jun on an excellent investigation and wishes the best of luck to Deputy District Attorney Scott Byrd in prosecuting the case.

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