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Sacramento CHP Officer Arrested for Fraud

Workers’ compensation fraud is always frustrating – and for good reason.  Not only does it make you realize that you have just wasted a fortune in undeserved benefits and unrecoverable investigation and prosecution costs, but it makes you a habitual cynic, mistrustful of seemingly honest and unfortunate injured workers.

This is especially the case when the act is committed by someone in a position of trust.  Firefighters are a good examplePolicemen are another.  But even the state capitol and its guardians are not immune to the corrupting influence of fraud.

Officer Tony Yao, a California Highway Patrol officer in Sacramento has been charged with felony workers’ compensation fraud.  As alleged, Yao claimed he had a back injury during firearms training while at the Academy, and then claimed his back pain was so severe he could not even do the office work offered to him.  An internal investigation revealed unreported past back injuries, completely unused exercise equipment (perhaps the result of a typical new years’ resolution?)

Given that some public employees such as law enforcement and firefighters tend to receive various beneficial presumptions in workers’ compensation, shouldn’t there be some additional penalties for when they commit acts of fraud?  Perhaps a reader more familiar than your focused blogger could comment as to this.

But if reforms are really in the air for the workers’ compensation system, perhaps additional penalties can be drafted into legislation and regulations to be imposed on the fraudsters who breach the public trust.

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  1. Tom Harbinson
    April 19, 2012 at 9:17 am

    How about firing them! You don’t need legislation for that!

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