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Opt Out of Workers’ Comp? Not in California!

Maybe this whole workers’ compensation thing isn’t worth it.  After all, the purpose of the workers’ compensation system was a trade-off: employers get caps on their liability, employees get quicker access to benefits, and the variable of fault is no longer part of the equation.  So, slip on a banana peel at the supermarket where you work, and you get benefits, unless you were shopping on your day off, then you’re just a klutz.

But what if you’re an employer and you’re fed up with this ridiculous system!  You’re tired of applicant’s attorneys demonizing you to your employees; you’re tired of paying insurance companies or defense lawyers or being audited again and again by the state just for self-insuring?  What if you could just opt out?

What if an employer could opt out of the workers’ compensation system?

That’s not the thinking in California, but it is in Oklahoma.  Having passed the House and the Senate of the state where hard work still conquers all, the law now awaits calibration between the two houses of the state Legislature before going to the Governor’s desk.  Texas already has an opt-out process for workers’ compensation, but in typical Texas fashion, was the only state to do so (until now).

One of the stated purposes of House Bill 2155 is to “[a]ssist the state in attracting and retaining business, thereby contributing to the overall economic development and well-being of its citizens.”

But where would Oklahoma, as a state, attract business from … except other states?  Perhaps other states like … California?

Sacramento – the rest of the Union is out to poach California businesses.  Please don’t make it easy for them to do so by driving every employer off.

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