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WCDefenseCA is 200 Posts Strong!

WCDefenseCA is happy to celebrate it’s 200th post!  Thank you to my dear readers who have subscribed, e-mailed, called, visited, re-visited, and declined to note the obvious.  (You call this a blog?  Where are the pictures of cats doing funny things?  Isn’t that what the internet is for?)  WCDefenseCA’s readership is somewhat of a (very well informed) club.  To celebrate, today’s post is about another kind of club…

One of the stories making the news is that of a state correctional officer who claimed his gunshot wound, sustained while in a San Francisco “sex club,” was industrial in nature.  (Honestly, folks, I don’t make these up!)

The correctional officer, while engaged in his duties as a prison bus driver, was spotted by a parolee, a violent felon, who then proceeded to shoot the officer.  At least, that was the officer’s theory.

The prosecutor in the officer’s attempted perjury case had a different one – the officer was engaged in a… well… in an act with another club patron’s “female companion,” while that club patron was engaged in what was likely a similar act with the officer’s wife.  An argument broke out and the result was the officer’s injury.  Not exactly industrial, even if the shooter was never caught and the cause of the shooting was “mysterious.”

The jury found both the officer and his wife guilty of attempted perjury.

Thanks for reading!

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