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Man/Woman Who Attacked Defense Attorney Sentenced

Andre Torres, now a female, was recently sentenced to 11 years to life in prison for the brutal 2010 knife attack against a workers’ compensation defense attorney in Los Angeles.

WCDefenseCA is known for making sarcastic jokes and poking fun at the more insane aspects of California’s workers’ compensation system, but this story is not a source of amusement by any means.

Torres, a man at the time of the attack, overheard that the victim was a defense attorney with the same firm that resisted Torres’ workers’ compensation claims some time ago.  The victim had never actually worked on Torres’ case.

Torres stabbed the victim from behind with a butcher knife and the victim and a passing-by good Samaritan eventually managed to subdue Torres’ long enough for law enforcement officers to arrive.

California’s workers’ compensation system is one riddled with frustration and difficulty for  all parties involved.  Defense attorneys, adjusters, and employers must always be on their guard for situations such as these.

Although there were no threats made in this instance, if any are made they need to be dealt with seriously and immediately – violent attacks such as these can and do happen.

Be safe out there, dear readers, and your determined blogger will endeavor to do the same.

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