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California is Hiring WCJs!

Are you tired of the seemingly powerless life of a workers’ compensation defense attorney?  Do you grow weary of pitting workers’ compensation Judges against commissioners, and commissioners against Court of Appeal Judges in a desperate effort to secure some tiny sliver of justice for you client?  Perhaps it’s time you took up the gavel yourself and stemmed the flow of blood being drained from the veins of California’s employers.

No, I’m not suggesting we form some sort of vigilante workers’ compensation Board or somehow privatize the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (oh, if only!).  As a matter of fact, after discovering a surplus in the pension budget California is looking to hire some more judges.   But you better hurry – the deadline is, in a gentle nod to that secret spot in our hearts that is home to the more romantic things in life, February 14th.

The venues are San Jose, Marina Del Ray, and Long Beach.  Benefits include the use of two flat-screen monitors in every courtroom, the endless droning of lien claimants, the threat of removal or reconsideration at every step, and semi-celebrity status when you suffer occasional ridicule on this blog.

But, do not get your hopes ups – with a 1/31 post date and a 2/14 deadline, I’m guessing there are already some candidates in mind; but what does a private-sector-dweller like your speculative blogger know?

Good luck!

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