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Hunting and Workers’ Compensation

The King of Sweden was out hunting, hoping to bag a big moose.  As he walks through the woods with his servant, he comes to a clearing where he sees another hunter.  Upon seeing the King bearing his shotgun and obviously out for a moose hunt, the hunter raises his arms and loudly says “Don’t shoot, I’m not a moose!”  The King, wasting no time, shoots the unfortunate hunter.  When the King’s servant asks, in a shocked and shaken voice, why the King shot the hunter, after the hunter said he wasn’t a moose, the King cleared his through, and in his most regal voice, explained:  My good man, I believe you misheard him.  He did, in fact, say “Don’t shoot, I am a moose.”  It doesn’t really matter who heard right because, after all, moose, even in Sweden, can’t speak.

So why, on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, do I relate this story?  Because of a different story I read recently (although the story itself is from 2009).

It appears that, while on a turkey hunt, a man under suspicion of committing workers’ compensation fraud saw the man investigating his claim.  Intentionally or accidentally, the man shot the investigator, there conducting surveillance.  That ought to give the next investigator some pause before checking up on an applicant’s limitations.

I know this story is old and takes place in New York, but with Turkey Day two sunrises away, I couldn’t resist telling my patient and forgiving readers about it.

Gobble Gobble!

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