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The WCAB Wants Your Input!

Previously, your humble blogger had reported the decision of Messele v. Pitco Foods, where the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, in an en banc opinion, attempted to provide some clarity as to the proper timeline for using the panel qualified medical evaluator system.

You read the opinion.  You understood the opinion.  You were prepared to move on with your life.  Now there’s more.

The WCAB has issued another en banc opinion, in this one stating that “it was not [their] intention to throw into uncertainty the validity of QME panels previously obtained in ongoing workers’ compensation proceedings.”

While the decision currently stands, the WCAB has proposed making it apply prospectively only.  In other words, if the panel was issued outside of the proper timeline, and a party did not object before September 26, 2011, the panel stands.

In case you’re wondering, the WCAB would like to know what you think – you can submit written comments so long as they are received no later than November 19, 2011 by sending them to the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, Office of the Commissioners, at either its street address (455 Golden Gate Avenue, 9th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102) or its Post Office Box address (P. O. Box 429459, San Francisco, California 94142-9459).

Shall all the past be revisited and re-litigated?  Or shall well simply continue down the yellow brick road as if the Medical Unit has done no wrong?  We can hopefully expect some finality on this issue in a month or two.

In the meantime, I suggest getting cozy and familiar with the procedures outlined by the WCAB – the rules allow the players who know them to control the PQME specialty and, very likely, the outcome of the case.

When your faithful blogger knows more, so will you.

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