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Average Temporary Disability Payments at Pre-Reform Levels

The California Workers’ Compensation Institute has released the results of a data collection study showing an increase in the average temporary disability period for injured California workers.

The study can be viewed here.

The results show that temporary disability claims for injuries occurring in 2009 have reached pre-SB-899 levels.  12 months after the injury date, 2009 injuries average $6,050 paid, while 12 months after 2004 injuries the average paid in temporary disability was $6,071.

The report shows that this increase is part of an upward trend.  If you’re on the applicant’s side of the industry, it appears that a trend truly is your friend.

Some of us might think that the trend should level out after 24 months of temporary disability.  But with AB 947, as discussed in this post, pushing ahead, we can soon expect statistics for 240 weeks of temporary disability, rather than a maximum of 104.

An interesting subject for study might be the treatment costs associated with temporary disability periods.  Such a figure would more completely show the true cost to employers and insurers.

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